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The Grand Dukedom of Pomerania and Livonia is based upon the ancient territories of a duchy in Pomerania on the southern borders of the Baltic Sea. It existed from the 12th century till mid 17th century and was ruled by dukes of the House of Pomerania (Griffins).

In the 12th century, Poland, the Holy Roman Empire's Duchy of Saxony and Denmark conquered Pomerania, ending the tribal era. In three military campaigns of 1116, 1119, and 1121, most of Pomerania was conquered by the Polish duke Boleslaus III Wrymouth who made the Pomeranian duke Wartislaw I his vassal.
Nevertheless the Polish influence in Pomerania proper vanished over the next decade. The western areas, stretching from Kolberg (Kołobrzeg) to Stettin (Szczecin) were ruled by Wartislaw I and his descendants until 1637. Wartislaw managed to conquer vast territories west of the Oder river, an area inhabited by Liutizian tribes weakened by past warfare, and included these territories into his Duchy of Pomerania. This duchy was in the 12th and 13th centuries centered around the strongholds of Stettin and Demmin and co-ruled from there by Wartislaws successors. The eastern Stolp (Słupsk) and Schlawe (Sławno) areas (Duchy of Schlawe-Stolp) were ruled by Wartislaw's brother Ratibor I and his descendants, the Ratiboriden sideline of the Griffins, until the Danish occupation of Schlawe and extinction of the line in 1227.
In 1124 and 1128, Otto of Bamberg missioned in the duchy. The nobility accepted Christianity in Usedom. After the 1147 Wendish crusade and the 1164 Battle of Verchen, the duchy joined Henry the Lion's Duchy of Saxony. At that time, the duchy was also referred to as Slavia (yet this was a term applied to several Wendish areas such as Mecklenburg and the Principality of Rügen).
Starting in the 12th century, Pomerania was settled with Germans during the 13th century (West and North) and the 14th century (South and East). These settlements were part of a process later termed Ostsiedlung. Except for the Pomerelian Kashubians and the Slovincians, the Wends were assimilated into the German society. Most towns and villages are dating back to this period.
During the reign of Otto I, Margrave of Brandenburg (1170-1184), son of Albert I, Brandenburg claimed sovereignty over Pomerania. Yet, in 1181 the Griffin dukes took their duchy as a fief from Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa, who invested Duke Bogislaw I with the Duchy of Slavia. This was not accepted by the Margraviate of Brandenburg and triggered several military conflicts. From the 13th century, the duchy was set under pressure by its southern neighbour.
The duchy remained in the Empire, although Denmark managed to take control of the southern .

Today was developed reliving an old government. The Grand Prince Luis Falkenstein and Count Von Falkenstein Graft  Von Falkenstein.

He has to cut somtido human rigths for this micronation which the court IUKAC. Association International United Kingdom Commonwealth. Through an international court was right to soverania consedio. and has ceased to be a micronation to be a microstate

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Desicion of International Court       Money Currency
International Supreme Court

order :

This court Grand Dukedom Pomeranian Prince And Livonian , filed a lawsuit to include the Grand Dukedom Dollar Coin Market international.alegando his government properly represented as a microstate and independent soverania . Present the minted coins which according to a economistal awarded him a value 1 Dollar 2 dukedones moment 18000 people who use it .  This court asked more information and topic information was compiled by the attorney who presented more information about a coin and social capital . sue under the allegation also want to do everything in order. asks this court and present or a proposal for this new government for them to create their own stock exchange , financial instruments create coins that are interchangeable in the Market international forex and other markets
With which they can negotiate with other countries the legal interambio currency and also to be included in the international monetary fund .

Whereas this government has provided all information and complies with the laws of economics and international summits Montevideo and presenting legal documents through their lawyers and court documents IUKAC international . The Honorable Judge Robert Smith.
Approve and let this New Gov may lawfully do business market and monetary exchange.

Robert Smith
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